About Us

Hey! Thanks for visiting and contributing to RealEstateTech.co! This is Yiqun Wang, feel free to call me Yi. Currently I work at New York City-based commercial real estate data provider Real Capital Analytics.
Over the past few years, I found a common pain point among real estate professionals as well as pioneering entrepreneurs/investors in the real estate tech space. There isn't an open directory to list existing solutions.
This site hosts an open company list that people like you and me can contribute. The entire data set is downloadable in various machine-readable format.
Last but not least, I would like to thank CRE // Tech Intersect, DisruptCRE, NYCRETS and ReTechNY for organizing so many great events and meetups. You keep me busy!
To contact me about this site, please email to realestatetechco@gmail.com. This site is put together in the following technical stack. Help is needed! If you are willing to contribute to the code, please contact me!
Front End: Bootstrap
Back End: Ruby on Rails
Database: Postgres
SaaS Leveraged: CartoDB, Cloudinary, Google Analytics
IaaS Leveraged: Heroku, Postageapp
Libraries: D3.js, various Ruby Gems